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What to expect on your kick off call

This is a quick article to help you get the most out of your kick off call. The kick off call is where you are introduced to your project manager.  This will be your point person through every aspect of the project. Your PM will go over the scope of the project, and talk about your goals for the[...]

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Sell Products Online

Your restaurant is a brick and mortar business that relies on the surrounding community for its success.  However, the internet gives you the ability to extend your reach far beyond your community to anyone that has an internet connection. If you have a strong brand, gimmick, or the ability to[...]

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Local Search Engine Optimization

Verifying your business with Google is a free and easy way to increase your local visibility and  make sure your information is correct throughout all Google searches.

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Menu Management

Technology is changing the way potential customers view your menu.  With attention spans growing shorter every day and so many restaurants to choose from, people just wont tolerate a "difficult to use" online menu.  It doesn’t matter how delicious your food, or how beautiful the decor of your[...]

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Responsive User-Friendly Design

We all know that websites are built using code.  However, responsive design has become the standard for websites in the last few years, as smart phones have become the standard in online search.  

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Mobile Friendly Menus

Mobile Friendly menus are an important aspect of your restaurant website.  They are coded directly onto your website as opposed to being uploaded as a pdf link.  This is especially important for restaurants with larger menus as a pdf can be overwhelming on such a tiny screen.  This provides a[...]

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