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Mobile Friendly menus are an important aspect of your restaurant website.  They are coded directly onto your website as opposed to being uploaded as a pdf link.  This is especially important for restaurants with larger menus as a pdf can be overwhelming on such a tiny screen.  This provides a much easier navigation on a smart phone.  In order to really understand the value and importance of the mobile friendly menu, let’s use an example.  

Karen is a 31 year old lawyer at a big Manhattan law firm.  After working late all week to prepare for a case, she decides to order some take out and pick it up on the way home from work.  She’s in the mood for Italian so she performs a Google search for  “Italian Restaurants”.

The first result is  “Giuseppes Italian Cuisine”.  

Karen clicks through to the website and begins to look for the menu. Giuseppes website is not mobile friendly so Karen is forced to zoom in to find the menu link.  After a few seconds of searching the home page for a menu link, she gives up.  With one swipe she is back to her Google search where she selects the next result.  

The second result is  “Mama Mias Ristorante”.

Karen clicks the link and is taken to a mobile friendly website and navigates to the “menus” page which she finds fairly easily.  Karen clicks the link with excitement as she feels she may be at the home stretch.  The link takes her to the pdf version of the menu.  The menu is an 11’’ x 17’’ tri panel which has been shrunken down to fit the screen of her smart phone.  

pdf menu.gif 

Its been a long week and Karen doesn’t want to strain her eyes to view the menus, so she swipes back and continues her google search.  Karen clicks the next result.

The third result is “Carmello’s Italian Kitchen”.

 Carmello’s has a beautiful mobile friendly website and a big button on the home screen that says “VIEW TAKEOUT MENU”.  Karen clicks the button, hoping for a menu that doesn’t overwhelm or confuse her. Carmello’s menu loads immediately and is mobile friendly.  Using just her thumb she can scroll through the menu items until she lands on a dish that excites her.  

mobile friendly menu2.gif

 Once Karen has made her decision she can easily place her order.  

Karens story is one that takes place thousands of times a day in Cities all over the country.  While the food and service at Giuseppes and Mama Mias may have been just as good, Karen was not willing to put up with the extra steps involved in placing her order.  In addition, the next time she is in the same position, she is more likely to go directly to Carmello’s website, instead of going through the same search process.  


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