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We all know that websites are built using code.  However, responsive design has become the standard for websites in the last few years, as smart phones have become the standard in online search.  

Responsive means that the layout of your website adapts or “responds” to the size of the screen that is being used to view it.   If your website is not responsive , then it will negatively effect the user experience.  Since this customer interaction does not take place at your restaurant, this can be easy to overlook.  However, the residual effect on your business can be devastating.

Customers are using your website to vet your restaurant and they are ruthless.  The infinite amount of options at our fingertips has made us unwilling to tolerate any inconvenience.  You’re competing with dozens of other restaurants in your area and the decision to go to your restaurant is made in about 3 seconds.    Increasingly, consumers are using your online menu to comparison shop.    

This can also be an opportunity as many restaurants have not seriously focused on their online presence.  The quickest way to tell if your website is responsive, is to open it up on your smart phone, and test the experience first hand.  

responsive design.gif

A second way is to open your website on a regular computer browser. Then, drag the screen smaller from right to left, and see how the website responds.  If buttons and graphics are getting cut off as the screen is made smaller, then your website is not responsive and will be very difficult to navigate on a mobile device.  

If graphics and icons begin to stack vertically, and you can navigate through the page with one vertical scroll, that means your website is responding to the smaller screen.  If your website was built prior to smartphone technology then it is definitely not responsive.  




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