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Restaurant Spotlight: Jack Jacks Coffee House 


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      Jack Jack’s is a unique coffee house that doubles as a contemporary art gallery located in the Village of Babylon. This unique space was once an old building that served as a public house during the colonial era. Since then, owner Michael Sparacino has transformed the building into a beautiful open space where customers can sip a premium cup of organic coffee and enjoy the abstract art on display.

The name Jack Jack’s comes from Michael and Vanessa’s late dog named Jack. Their feline friend is honored through the Greyhound logo printed on each coffee cup and takeout bag. The coffee house is dog friendly and offers homemade dog treats that are organic and plant based.


The gallery at Jack Jack’s called the 2JX Project showcases artists from around the world every few months. All of the work on display is done by emerging abstract artists. All pieces are curated by Vanessa Viola; a historian, professional art curator, and co-owner of Jack Jack’s. The artwork on display revolves on a monthly basis providing the coffee shop with a unique and dynamic look.  All pieces on display are available for purchase through the gallery.

From art to coffee, Jack Jack’s delivers an inspiring atmosphere for friends to mingle or colleagues to gather. The coffee served comes from La Colombe, a specialty coffee roaster with a deserving reputation. A freshly brewed cappuccino or latte at Jack Jack’s is the perfect companion to a freshly baked in house pastry.

Jack Jack’s takes the traditional gourmet coffee shop a step further as they fuse art and community into one delicious blend.





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